Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya

We all love a game of golf but what do you do afterwards?

Pattaya is surrounded by beautiful golf courses, at the last count, there were 27 courses all within an hours drive from the city centre.
But once you have finished your round and of course that includes the 19th Hole, where do you head too?

For some it’s a steady journey back home to the trouble and strife, for others it’s the start of a night out and into town.
Nowadays, the city centre is full of bars and clubs, some new and just starting out, all trying to grab your attention, others more established and quietly sat there knowing your visit is due any minute.

The agogo bars and agogo clubs here in Pattaya city as expected vary dramatically. Walking Street in Pattaya is worldwide famous. This street is rammed with clubs and bars, a very different scene to East Pattaya. Hostess girls stand in the street all beckoning you into their clubs. You cannot walk 20 yards without a “hello sexy man, where you go” statement being thrown at you.

Prices in Walking Street are as you would expect, quite high and in some clubs very expensive. The average bottled beer in walking Street is around 165B. But if you head over to LK Metro in Soi Buakhao, well prices drop a little, with a beer averaging about 140B. LK Metro is one of those places that seems to be getting busier and busier. New clubs, new bars and a lot of girls.

Parking in Walking Street is prohibited, you can only access the street on foot from 7 pm through until the early hours of the morning. LK Metro has a few motorbike spaces outside some of the bars, but these spaces are mainly for the girls and staff to use. One of the biggest downfalls of Soi Buakhao and LK Metro is the lack of parking. You need to have your wits about you when walking along these streets for sure.

The easiest way to navigate Soi Buakhao and around the area is by Songtao (Baht bus) or by motorbike taxi (always agree the fare first). Agogo bars here in Thailand an, in particular, Pattaya are part of everyday life. So when you have finished a round of golf why not celebrate that fantastic round or perhaps console yourself having hit a mare. Either way, Walking Street or LK Metro has many agogo bars for you to choose from and one thing is sure, you will have a great night out!

For an up-to-date reference guide check out Asia After Dark, this directory has a long list of agogo bars and clubs for both Walking Street and LK Metro here in Pattaya.

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