Update: Death toll rises from the earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia

Update: Death toll rises from the earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia

As authorities and rescue team rush to get to Indonesia’s Sulawesi island to help those in need, it has been reported that the death toll has now increased to more than 1,700 people and 5,000 more are believed to still be missing. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Disaster agency spokesman said that authorities are currently trying to confirm the amount of people missing from other close by village that had been sucked in by the loose soil from the earthquake– Mr. Nugroho believes that more around 5,000 people are stuck and buried beneath the ruble and underground adding that the death toll may rise once the level of damage have been assessed.

Mr. Nugroho also told news outlet while having a briefing in Jakarta on Sunday that officials will stop searching for bodies among ruins and collapsed building — “Evacuation stops on 11 October, victims who have not been found are declared missing.” Large search party will also stop with heavy equipment and personnel would be ceased to limit the search due to resource purposes.

International aid were able to arrive on scene a week after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami struck affecting more than one million people in the city of Palu and the surrounding district in Central Sulawesi. Part of a £3m relief package from an RAF aircraft carrying about 17.5 tonnes of UK aid supplies was dropped on Saturday, there was also a huge Red Cross ship that docked at the port of Pewunu as well as military supplies being dropped in different areas from helicopters. The supplies that has been sent to Sulawesi are all from outside help– Indonesia has been reluctant to cope with such disaster by help from either the UK or neighboring countries. These drop packages that has been sent to Sulawesi include 300 hygiene kit and more than 1,000 shelter kits.





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