Two men who filmed and raped a woman at the Ganges River has now been arrested

Two men who filmed and raped a woman at the Ganges River has now been arrested

Two men have been arrested after raping a woman and spreading the video online at the sacred Ganges river in north-east India.

The Times of India has reported that the two who had raped and filmed a woman who was washing herself on Sunday morning has now been arrested– further report and video evidence shows that the two men dragged the victim out of the river and took turns on raping and filming the woman, in the video you can hear the woman pleading for help and ask the men to consider the sanctity of the river as it is one of the most sacred place for Hinduism, she also referred the river as ‘mother’ which is a term used to show high respect of the place.

Authorities has also came out and said that they did not find out about this case until it went viral on social media, explaining that the woman had to be persuaded to give a statement to authorities because she felt suppressed and ashamed of what had happened. Further investigation by Anand Kumar, Rural Superintendent said that the suspects and the woman were from the same village hence her shame of not leaving her house and had to be persuaded to give a statement.

Mr Kumar told media on Wednesday that,¬†“She had completely suppressed the ordeal faced on Sunday and told no-one, the matter surfaced only after the video became viral on Tuesday afternoon.” Police also seized the phone that was used to film the incident to be sent to a forensic laboratory for more analysis.

According to statistics shows that a woman is raped every 13 minutes, however these are the reported ones, but many more has yet to come out or report any rape incidents due to the stigma and ‘shame’ that come with being raped or sexually assaulted.


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