The total death toll had risen to 1,347 from the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu, Indonesia

The total death toll had risen to 1,347 from the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu, Indonesia

From last Friday natural disaster attack on the central islands of Sulawesi, Indonesia the total death toll have risen to more than 1,300 deaths so far.

The death toll that has been reportedly confirmed by authorities is now currently at 1,347 deaths as of today (October 3rd) from the 7.5 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami wiping the coastal town of Palu. As of now the people of Palu are desperate for help as well as basic goods such as food, tissue paper, medicine, water etc. due to most of the shops and buildings in the town has been swept away by the tsunami hit.

Ari Dono Sukmanto, deputy national police chief has now placed officers in guarding duty as people are now starting to loot basic goods for their family and some people have now been arrested for stealing money and other computers stating, “After day two the food supply started to come in, it only needed to be distributed, we are now re-enforcing the law.” It got to a stage where officers were firing shots and tear gas for people to back off.

Jonathan Head, BBC News reporter, reported that “everyone we meet in Palu is focused on trying to get basic goods for their families. All normal services in the town have broken down and there’s little running water, power, food or drinking water. People are desperate.”

Though this issue is one of the biggest issue that authorities have to deal with , however, humanitarians and authorities still fear that there may be more people stuck and trapped under the rubble of buildings that had fallen from the attack. It was reported by the Indonesian Red Cross officials that they have found 34 student bodies under a collapsed church that was completely buried by a mudslide.

The number of missing students has risen to more than 140 pupil, where 86 of the students were reported to be missing while then went on a Bible camp in Jonooge Church Training Centre and 52 more students are unknown of their whereabouts. Ridawan Sobri, a spokesperson for the Indonesian Red cross told BBC, “The mud conditions in that area are terrible, we have to walk about one and a half hours to reach [the mudslide area], that makes it very difficult.”



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