South Korean authorities are checking more than 20,000 public toilets in Seoul for ‘spycams’

South Korean authorities are checking more than 20,000 public toilets in Seoul for ‘spycams’

The South Korean authorities have pledged to have daily searches in public toilets in Seoul for hidden cameras. Reports revealed that there were more than 6,000 cases that have been reported just in last year alone of unconsensual clips that were taken by a hidden spy cam porn in the public toilets that have been a trend among the internet known as “molka” and it has also been confirmed that 805 of the victims are women. This outrage of of a so call ‘trend’ have sparked thousands of women who took to the streets to protest against this unsettling internet epidemic– women were holding signs such as “South Korea the nation of spycam” and “My life is not your porn”.

A news source from South Korean, Yonhap, has stated that the government has only employed 50 workers to check over 20,000 public toilets around Seoul– this however did not go well with the public finding out which led the local government to come up with new plans. According to the new plans, the government will employ and additional 8,000 workers to check for camera– this estimates to around 2.5 public toilet being checked per worker and the local government are also looking into designate around a thousand toilets that are especially prone to the spy cam crimes.

However, with just 50 workers on the job checking for hidden spy cams they have yet to find a single device– authorities also blame social media and the internet for the wide availability of smart phones making it hard to catch perpetrators further stating that 90% of the time that this kind of case have been reported in an act of recorded crime, it has always been filmed with smartphones. Though authorities may have to dig deeper into investigation, critics are not impress with the punishment– less than 9% of the criminals of these cases have been imprisoned in their first conviction.



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