Pattaya is changing

Pattaya is changing

Having lived here for the last few years Pattaya has changed a lot.

There has, and always will be an element of entertainment here geared up for the 18+ audience. However, that has had serious attention over the last couple of years from the powers that be and it seems they are making in-roads to clean that aspect up from the general perception of Pattaya.

Now with cleaner beaches, new shopping malls appearing and some high end establishments setting up camp it appears Pattaya is getting a makeover.

To see more about what is happening here in Pattaya you may want to read this article which details more about whats been going on of late.

Who knows, is it possible for Pattaya to shed it’s current cloud of adult entertainment and become a more family, tourist friendly destination. Will the powers that be finally win their ware against sexual entertainment?

Time will tell and no doubt with high season just approaching, there will be a full on surge to do all they can to make the changes they are looking for happen, and happen fast.

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