Living on a Golf Course

Living on a Golf Course

Living on a golf course is many golfers dream location.

Imagine living on a golf course. You wake up in the morning, grab some breakfast and then head off onto the first Tee box ready to start your day. It’s not as difficult or as expensive as you may think. The cost of a property in Phuket, Bangkok or Pattaya is more than likely higher, than the cost of a property on a golf course.

Thailand has many beautiful courses available to golfers of all abilities. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro player, there are plenty of courses available for you to enjoy. Many golf courses have properties available for sale. An easy way to locate which courses have available properties is to use the Property Finder Service Pattaya form that is supplied by Property Asia.

Complete your details and set your requirements and sit back and wait. What then happens is that the details you provide are sent to over 50 property agents in Pattaya or whichever area you have chosen. The agents will in turn look at what current properties they have available and send back suitable property matches.

Let Property Asia find the house of your golfing dreams.

Property finder service PattayaOnce received Property Asia then send you the matches and then it is up to you to make contact with the agents. Don’t worry about your information such as email or telephone numbers. these are not provided to any of the agents so your details remain completely safe.

The advantage of using the Property Finder Service Pattaya is that you can head off for a round of golf. By the time you have finished playing, the chances are there will be an email waiting for you. So while you perfect your round of golf, Property Asia get to work finding you your perfect property.

One advantage of using an agent to find you a property is they may be able to negotiate you a better deal. An agent who has already managed to find owners for properties on a golf course, may have better bargaining power than you alone. The agent may also have a better idea of current market value as well as impending local developments that may affect your neighbourhood.


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