India’s #MeToo movement is arising.

India’s #MeToo movement is arising.

The #MeToo movement India has escalated and has started a firestorm of protest in past couple of days affecting one of the world’s biggest entertainment industry.

This all sparked from a young female comedian who took to Twitter to accuse Utsav Chakraborty, a 33-year-old comedian who have been sending her pictures of his own private parts– though the following day after Chakraborty was accused, he then admitted to the allegations and apologized. However it was to late to stop the fire as soon after a cascade of allegations from the females in the entertainment industry begun and it is not pretty– women shared private sexual harassment messages, pictures and tweets that has been sent to them by other men in the industry with their name blurred out.

In the next few days the #MeToo movement was trending at number one on Twitter in India after more and more females in the industry outed fellow male senior reporters, directors, actors and even high court judges. The female journalists play a big part on “outing” the accused so far and perhaps will still be taking big roles on putting these harassment to an end.

This of course is not the first time that such controversial allegation has been made– in 2017 a law student accused more than 50 professors of harassing her by publishing a list of name via Facebook but some how did not make it to national news. However, this time around the allegations has been forced to hit the front page of national news outlets. Many big name newspaper media promised to investigate on behalf of other seven women who came forward with their stories after they accused the head senior editors of sexually harassing them. Geeta Pandey, BBC reported that it’s all about power stating: “There were whispers all along in the newsrooms of misconduct by senior editorial colleagues who used their positions of power and influence to proposition and harass young women, but now some of it’s being articulated in the open.”


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