EGA Association

The EGA is a leader in its field dedicated to improving and maintaining golf course standards here in the Chonbuir region of Thailand.EGA Association

The East Coast Golf Course Management Association (EGA) prides itself on setting high standards of golfing facilities across Thailand. Similar to a hotel rating system, the EGA ensure that visitors can rest assured the standards they expect are not only met but exceeded. The high standards set give visitors comfort that they are going to have an enjoyable days golf.  The courses will be well maintained and the facilities will be first class, perfect for making your day as memorable as possible.

The EGA carry out regular assessments of it’s member courses and facilities throughout each year and maintain regular contact with each course on ways of maintaining and improving standards.

east Coast Golf Management Association working side by side with caddies across ThailandAs well as setting high standards across golf courses here in Thailand, the EGA also work closely with the caddies who work at each club. The EGA organize an annual competition, The Singha Amazing Thailand Caddy Championship. This competition provides caddies an opportunity to travel around Asia and see how other caddies work as well as play some of the most exciting courses available.

The EGA is essential to the development of golf here in Thailand as well as the caddies. To find out more about this wonderful organization click the following link and see all about what they are doing for the benefit of golf in Thailand. (CLICK HERE)