China is asking the public to help in a nationwide hunt for two escaped inmates.

China is asking the public to help in a nationwide hunt for two escaped inmates.

It has been reported that two inmates from the Lingyuan Third Prison in northeastern Liaoning province has successfully escaped and Chinese authorities are now asking the public to help and bring them back to serve their sentence.

Though it is very unusual that anyone would or even could escape from a Chinese prison, and more surprising that the Chinese media has reported this ask for the public’s help to track them down with any sort of information or a reward of 100,000 yuan which is around £11,185 or $14,558 for their capture.

The two that escaped are currently serving life sentences for kidnapping and robbery– Wang Lei, 33 years old was sentenced to death in 2017 for kidnapping but his sentence was reduced to life in prison at the end of 2017 for good behavior, 39 year old Zhang Guilin on the other hand has been back to prison twice for petty crimes and had already served a 7 year sentence back in 2001 but was re-offended a year after for robbery and is now serving a life sentence. Guilin is known to be very violent, temperamental and had injured many inmates while doing his time, reported The Paper.

There are still mixed reports on how the two escaped; Beijing Youth Daily news site early reports stated that the two men escaped by stealing clothes and access card from the guards, however the China National Radio later clarified that it has not yet been confirmed on the methods they used to leave and escape prison.

The break out had sparked many criticism from the people on Chinese social media due to the prison that they were serving at is a maximum-security prison given that the two men were both serving life sentences. Many people are still shocked that the two have not yet been caught since it has been reported that they might still be in the same province.


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